34th North Carolina Civil War Reenactment Group

Getting Started as a Civil War Reenactor

Civil War reenacting brings the period of 1861 through 1865 to life. Reenacting can dramatically remind viewers that real people were involved in one of this Country’s most defining historical periods. Reenacting can show people the reality and significance of their own past, improve public awareness of our Nation’s history and promote the preservation of historical Civil War-era sites.

As a soldier, you will need to be properly outfitted. The total cost of a basic military “uniform,” with rifle and accoutrements, can range from $1000 to $1250.

Don’t let this put you off. We know many would-be recruits simply can’t afford to get everything needed immediately. For this reason, we have small amount of “loan gear” that can be provided, for a reasonable period of time, until you can get the basic items. Company H does have uniform and dress standards but, within these standards, variety is encouraged.

One area where deviation is not permitted is in the rifle – for safety reasons. The rifle must be a 3-band musket, such as an 1853 Enfield or an 1861 Springfield, because 2-band rifles are too short to place on the firing line.

Before a new military member jumps into the line of battle and starts shooting there are some basic military training we will provide you to ensure your battle experiences are fun, present the spectators with a memorable living history experience and, most importantly, are safe.


The most important objective of training is safety. The reenacting community, as a whole, is very serious about you being trained and knowing the rules so each event is a safe and enjoyable experience.

None of the training is difficult. You’ll have to learn a modest amount of period rifle drill, marching and firing. To assist you we have informal drill sessions, as required, and an annual Drill Weekend devoted to teaching new recruits and providing refresher training for veterans.

Your veteran comrades in Company H, from Private to Captain, will take a personal interest in ensuring you are prepared to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Suggested Reading:

Reliving the Civil War, A Reenactor's Handbook

by R. Lee Hadden
1996 and 1999, Mechanicsburg, PA

Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Company H, 34th North Carolina, reenacting family and the greater community; or just want to know more about our activities please contact us.